Focus in Africa

In addition to our Gospel Crusade ministry in Africa, AWAKE Grace Ministries, an established ministry in Kadoma, Zimbabwe, has come under the covering of Dynamis World Ministries. As a result, we have acquired a large farm of over 1000 acres. Our plan is to continue to develop the farm. Additionally, there is an orphanage located on the farm, and we have also started a Church-Planting Training School to train leaders.


We typically hold 10 Gospel crusades each year. In most cases, we hold double crusades where two crusades are run back to back in nearby towns. The first crusade begins Tuesday and ends Sunday. During the following two days the team transitions to the next location, and the final crusade begins Wednesday and ends Sunday of the second week.

While there are a lot of preparations that take place prior to arriving at the crusade location, the official on site preparations begin three weeks prior to the beginning of the crusade.  It is at that time that we launch our Mobile Bible School.

We coordinate with the local churches who will participate with the crusade many months in advance. The leaders and member of these churches attend our Mobile Bible School where we prepare and equip them as individuals and congregations to disciple the new believers that have resulted from the crusade.

Regularly coinciding with our crusades, we hold Children’s Crusades in the afternoons with thousands of children attending and hearing the Gospel message in a way that is relevant to them. Additionally, Schools of Ministry are held several times a year to equip leaders and pastors.

We see tens of thousands receiving salvation every night as they receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. And, we continually see God confirm His Word with signs, wonders and miracles. Finally, each crusade closes with the opportunity for people to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with Fire! 

AWAKE Grace Ministries

In the summer of 2009, AWAKE Grace ministries came under the leadership of Christopher Alam which includes the Farm, Oprhanage, Bible School and Churches. It has opened up more ways that we can reach the nations of Africa on a broader scale.


AWAKE Grace Ministries Farm

Farm - The farm is located just outside the city of Kadoma in Central Zimbabwe, in the middle of the "agricultural  belt" of the country. It includes a 400 hectares, which is 1000 acres, of prime farmland. Our vision is to bring this farm to full cultivation which will produce food for the Zimbabwean's. 

Orphanage - On the farm, we were happy to finish one building that hosts up to 15 orphans who some of lost their parents through HIV AIDS. Our desire is to teach the orphans through living in "family units" under godly house-parents who will care for them with good solid Christian values. 

Bible School - Another vital part of the farm is a 1-year Church Planting Bible School. We currently have one Dormitory Building that hosts up to 70 students attending the Bible School. The students will learn how to be church-planters and after one year we will send them out to plant churches. They will be supported for one year after they begin their new church and then be self-supporting. 

AWAKE Grace Ministries Churches

  • The Farm also hosts our base for our churches. We are excited to have over 400 congregations and the churches that are steadily growing. We have churches in South Africa and England. Our main church in England has now planted a church in the Middle East.

Getting Involved 

We value your part in the vision and success in Africa. There are several ways you can be involved and make an impact in the lives of the people being reached. Will you prayerfully consider one of these opportunities...

Prayer Partner

Financial Support

Attend a Crusade- Travel to Africa and experience a Gospel Crusade

Internship- a short term 3-12 month commitment

Team- Join our Africa team with a minimum 2 year commitment

If you would like more information or to partner in one or more of these ways, please contact us.  

If you are interested in joining with us to spread the Gospel of Jesus with a financial contribution, visit our Donation page.

She could not see, and Received her sight. Crusade Deaf daughter received her sight!