Understanding Our Testimonies & Reports

In an effort to help our readers, partners and friends better understand how we operate, we want to explain how we gather and document our healing testimonies and how we compile our reports.

God's Word says in Malachi 3:6, "For I am the Lord, I change not." This reassures us that He still forgives all our iniquities, and He still heals all our diseases. In spite of this fact that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, we know that there are many people who have never experienced His healing touch, and it may be hard for some to comprehend the wonderful miracles that are recorded in these newsletters. The following explains the process of how we document these events. We do not claim that our system is perfect or foolproof, but it has worked well. And as a result, God has blessed us with a reputation for integrity and for that we are truly grateful.


Each person who testifies that they have been healed during a crusade goes through a three-part process which we have established in an effort to verify and document the healing. First, they speak with a pastor or counselor who verifies that there was a healing. Once the healing is verified, the person must then talk to a member of our Africa Team who re-evaluates the person and their claim to confirm the healing. If at any point we discover that a person is only partially healed, they are asked to come back when the healing has fully manifested. Once our team establishes that there was indeed a healing, the person testifies before the crowd. After they have testified, they are then interviewed and their testimonies are recorded on a testimony form. In addition to the details of the testimony, we record their names, addresses, and various other details.


As far as our statistics, we do not state any numbers of people attending our crusades since there is no way of accurately measuring the size of a crowd other than by physically counting each person who is present. Anything that is stated is at best an approximation. Since we do not feel that this is a necessary use of our staff resources, we do not spend the time attempting to make such documentations, but rather include a crowd photo in each newsletter so that you, the reader, can draw your own conclusion.